Tattoos are a perfect example of the concept of "forever" genuinely existing. The art form has been practised for centuries, and it has seen an increase in popularity among people throughout continents and ages. Tattoos are artistic designs made by injecting ink into the skin. These may be either permanent or temporary and leave a colorful, tasteful touch to any part of the body of the wearer.


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Aaron Legacy Tattoo Parlour South Florida

History of Tattoos

Though one would expect that the concept of tattoos is modern, its origins lie in prehistoric sites near France, Scandinavia, etc. The oldest tools of tattoos are nearly twelve thousand years old. According to research, tattoos in Egypt and India were used for healing and worship. In the Philippines, tattoos marked the rank and achievements of people. But with the rise of Christianity, under the Roman Empire in Europe, tattoos began to be considered primitive, ultimately leading to a fading-out of the practice across the Empire. But with time and scientific progress in Europe, the art was revived. After the 1960s, the West observed a higher demand for tattoos, which continues till date.

Keeping the Art Alive

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