Tattoos are one of the premier choices of the Millenials and have existed for ages. The popularity of tattoos has experienced various highs and lows, but the present age is the age of permanent ink. There are numerous tattoo parlors found everywhere, providing custom tattoos in Florida. According to a study conducted in 2010, approximately 40 percent of millennials had at least one tattoo, and this percentage has hiked in the years that followed.


One of the reasons behind this compulsive obsession with tattoos is reality shows. The display of tattoos in mainstream TV channels has proved a boon for the tattoo industry. Hence, in absolute contrast to the reputation of tattoos in ancient Roman times, they are desirable and hugely in demand. Besides, the increasing number of tattooed celebrities like Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, John Mayer, etc, is the cherry on top.

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But tattoos have become more than an influence of celebrities and social media. For the millennial population, tattoos have reshaped the meaning of inked skin. It is more of a play of psychology than ink. Tattoos are symbolic of a sense of permanence in a highly unstable life. Millennials feel that certain tattoos symbolize a link to a fixed and stable past.


There are various places where one can get inked throughout Florida. However, the Legacy Tattoo parlor is the best tattoo parlor in South Florida. One can get a variety of tattoos here. Our state-of-the-art equipment and years of expertise enables us to give you a unique tattoo experience. We specialize in custom tattoos in Florida. We can turn your complicated ideas into beautiful and intricate designs that you will carry with you for a lifetime. However, our variety of services and experience are only a small part of the reason we are the best tattoo parlor in South Florida. We can make your favorite memories live forever on your skin.

Tattoos are a perfect example of the concept of “forever” genuinely existing. The art form has been practised for centuries, and it has seen an increase in popularity among people throughout continents and ages. Tattoos are artistic designs made by injecting ink into the skin. These may be either permanent or temporary and leave a colorful, tasteful touch to any part of the body of the wearer.


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History of Tattoos

Though one would expect that the concept of tattoos is modern, its origins lie in prehistoric sites near France, Scandinavia, etc. The oldest tools of tattoos are nearly twelve thousand years old. According to research, tattoos in Egypt and India were used for healing and worship. In the Philippines, tattoos marked the rank and achievements of people. But with the rise of Christianity, under the Roman Empire in Europe, tattoos began to be considered primitive, ultimately leading to a fading-out of the practice across the Empire. But with time and scientific progress in Europe, the art was revived. After the 1960s, the West observed a higher demand for tattoos, which continues till date.

Keeping the Art Alive

The Legacy Tattoo parlor is the best tattoo shop at Coral Springs,also serving in Coconut Creek, Deerfield, Parkland, Pompano and Margate of South Florida. With the best of artists, and years of expertise, the parlor provides a smooth and easy tattoo experience. With an experienced tattoo artist trained to perfectly administer even the most detailed and complex designs, we provide the most intricate and artistic neo-traditional tattoo in Florida. Our tattoo shop at Coral Springs is fully equipped and organized to provide various tattoo requirements. You can find the best traditional, Japanese, blackwork, or neo-traditional tattoo in Florida at our place. Visit us for your next tattoo experience, and watch your dream unfold on your skin!

When one decides to get a tattoo, he/she needs to meet only one checkpoint- tattoo artist. Getting a tattoo is a big step. It will become a sort of identity mark. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the right tattoo artist:


Ask friends and family with tattoos: If you have decided to get a tattoo, you should know that a tattoo artist plays a very important role. If you want to choose the right tattoo artist, you should ask around your family members and friends because they will be able to give real feedback. The work of the tattoo artist can be judged on his technique of tattooing. If your family’s tattoo still looks fresh then that means that the tattoo artist has done his job well. Legacy Tattoo Parlour is the best tattoo shop Pompano in Southern Florida.

Visit the tattoo shop before making the final choice: When you search for different tattoo artists, always make sure that you are visiting their studio to get an actual idea of the kind of experience they provide. When you visit the shop, you will know if the shop is hygienic, whether it has tattoo beds and the required certifications and licenses. A good tattoo shop will always make sure that the surroundings are clean to minimize the risk of infection. The tattoo artist will always use a fresh needle to pierce the tattoo.


Successful people ask better questions.


Tattoo artist’s portfolio: Any good tattoo artist will maintain a portfolio of his work. So when you are visiting tattoo shops looking for the perfect tattoo, you can ask for the tattoo artist’s portfolio to see his work. Getting a tattoo is very different from buying chocolate or a t-shirt, you can’t exchange in case if you don’t like it. It is permanent and will be on your body for years. While choosing the best-suited tattoo artist, make sure that your visions match. See some of the real body art because sometimes pictures can be deceiving. Legacy Tattoo Parlour also provides the service of custom tattoo in Florida. You should only hire the tattoo artist if you are 100% satisfied with his work. If not, you should keep the search going. After all, a tattoo is your identity, it speaks about you, so make that decision wisely.