We’ve been tattooing for ten thousand years, give or take a Millennia. Tattooing is how two people can come together and leave a legacy behind. Like the old ones from before time was written, we are here to continue this ancient tradition of body art. ~ Legacy Tattoo Parlour



Aarron and Kenny opened Legacy Tattoo Parlour in 2018, which has since expanded to include five other tattoo artists. Our focus is on all of South Florida and fans who fly in on occasion.

The idea

Kenny and Aarron started tattooing over 10 years ago when New Yorkers found South Florida as the great escape and Anthony Bourdain put Miami and South Florida Back on the map.


We are here to collaborate and create a tattoo you will love while ensuring you get the best advice on placement and care.

As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition. A tattoo is a true poetic creation and is always more than meets the eye.

I love this shop. Arron and other artist there are great. The shop has a great environment and is extremely clean. I will definitely be a regular customer.

Jones J

My experience was not so good. I got a large tattoo of a hawk on my right forearm in the fall of 1964 and it almost immediately became severely infected. within 2-3 days reached a temp of 102 deg. Had to return to Germany and gets shots. Part of colored came off as it healed. But rated high based on others comments. Going back in May 2016 if time I'll have them redo it.


I stopped by this shop to get some work done. I just moved here from Cali and was looking for a tattoo Artist. I had work done at Miami Ink a while back and it was ok but really pricey. These guys are professional. Each Artist has their own unique style and I'm looking forward to being a long time customer. Thanks Kenny you really made me feel welcome and I love your work.

Chris B

I really like the work here. My mom's husband is getting work done by Kenny. Everyone is really nice. We popped by here and the artists have turn tables they play. Really cool vibe. I came in and felt really welcomed. Can't wait to get my next tattoo scheduled with them!

Darrin J