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Legacy Tattoo parlour serves in Coral springs, Deerfield, Parkland, Pompano, Coconut Creek, Margate of South Florida with anything from classic tattoos to custom tattoos. We want to give you the best tattoo experience from your very first tattoo to continuing your life’s legacy of tattoos. Whichever style of tattoo that you may want we have an experienced tattoo artist trained to meet your tattoo niche needs. We specialize in every style you can think: Traditional, Neo-traditional, Japanese, blackwork, script, Mandalas, realistic, and Black and grey. Regardless of how detailed your tattoo idea may be, we have the experience to help you turn that fledgling idea into a full-fledged masterpiece

History of Tattoos

Tattoos have been part of human history long before there was a written history. Excavations of early man, frozen in ice have been found with al legacy of tattoos detailing a history of who they were and what clan or tribe they belonged to. Tattooing is an eternal human legacy; from Asia to the Norse people; from the indigenous people’s of the Americas to the Polynesians. It represents a thread in each millennia humans cross. Our mission is to continue one of the oldest forms of art known to humanity.

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I love this shop. Arron and other artist there are great. The shop has a great environment and is extremely clean. I will definitely be a regular customer.

Jones J

Kenny did my first tattoo and every single one since. Great guy and an even better shop. Glad to see the place grow. If you want the best artists in south Florida this is the spot to get one at.

Jacob F.

I stopped by this shop to get some work done. I just moved here from Cali and was looking for a tattoo Artist. I had work done at Miami Ink a while back and it was ok but really pricey. These guys are professional. Each Artist has their own unique style and I'm looking forward to being a long time customer. Thanks Kenny you really made me feel welcome and I love your work.

Chris B

Just got an ear piercing, fast and amazing experience. I'll for sure come back again to get a tattoo from them

Victor H

I really like the work here. My mom's husband is getting work done by Kenny. Everyone is really nice. We popped by here and the artists have turn tables they play. Really cool vibe. I came in and felt really welcomed. Can't wait to get my next tattoo scheduled with them!

Darrin J

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